Celebrating the power of porridge

Your parents might have told you it would stick to your ribs or put hairs on your chest, but don’t let that put you off. There’s porridge for all pallets these days, and it doesn’t have to look or taste like wallpaper paste anymore!

It’s World Porridge Day, aimed at raising awareness of how important this simple dish is to solving hunger in some of the poorest countries in the world.

For this reason alone, porridge gets our vote, but it’s also highly nutritious, versatile and you’ll find it on the menu of any restaurant or café worth its salt!

Many religiously start their day with a bowl of porridge come rain or shine, those who turn to it as a heart-warming breakfast when the colder days set in as well as those who attribute its power to a long and healthy life.

With a street cred like that, we had to take a look around Trinity Square to see what our retailers and cafés had to offer porridge lovers:

  • Get a hot pot of porridge from Costa for £1.85 and add your favourite jam, marmalade, honey or golden syrup for 35p.
  • Make yours at home with a great selection or milled and rolled oats from Holland and Barratt priced from 99p.
  • Pick it up on your weekly shop – with a whole aisle in Tesco; there won’t be a flavour or packet they don’t stock. Prices start from 50p for a single serving pot.
  • Aptly themed for this time of year, Poundland has Oat so Simple, Pumpkin Spice limited edition porridge for just £1 a box.
  • Greggs is always a favourite, and you can choose from plain, red berry or golden syrup for £1.10 to take away.
  • NU TO GO offers a healthy Apple Crumble or Peanut Butter Porridge to take away or eat in, and today, you can pick up a bowl along with a hot drink for only £4.95.

Don’t underestimate the power of porridge, it’s delicious and nutritious!

However your like yours, Happy World Porridge Day!