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Vue Cinema – The Interview

Image of Vue Cinema – The Interview

 Film Review by Student Blogger Liam Jack

I was kindly invited to go along to Vue Cinema Trinity Square to review the controversial new film, The Interview.

It’s amazing to have a 9 screen, cutting edge cinema on my door step, I intend to make the most of it while living at Trinity Square!  The facilities at Vue are great with friendly, helpful staff creating a welcoming atmosphere.  I collected my tickets and quickly made my way into the impressive screen 1.

Art has always been influential, but does the most talked about film in years take the title for the most influential to date?

Diving in at the deep end, the Interview does not mess around with its  jokes, and it’s easy to see why some people might be easily offended. But through all the controversy surrounding the film, shines a tongue in cheek comedy.


After some CIA schmoozing and hopeless assassin training, big time presenter  and full time airhead David Skylark (James Franco), along with his producer,  Rapoport (Seth Rogen), are persuaded into a mission to take down the Supreme  Leader. However, assassinating the head of North Korea in his home is never  going to be as straight forward as that.

The chemistry between the two characters, Skylark and Rapoport, plays an overwhelming part in the enjoyability of this film. With crude jokes and a true ¹bromance¹, their friendship will have you reliving your immature, early-teen, high school days.

Despite all the immaturity and predictability of the film, I left the cinema feeling content, amused, and with a whole new level of appreciation for the power of art.

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