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Skate Shack Review

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Amongst all the mainstream stores at Trinity Square lies a skater’s haven that goes by the name of Skate Shack. If board is your chosen mode of transport, and you haven’t paid it a visit, then you are seriously missing out.   The store has a lot to offer for skaters of any level, stocking top brands including the likes of Element, Vans and Volcom. With everything from grip tapes to t-shirts, they can kit you out with the top of the range gear to enhance your performance.


The friendly manner and never ending knowledge of the staff provides a great customer experience, and the in store board building service emphasises that. A member of staff will guide and advise you through the process so you end up with a board suited to your needs.   Whilst visiting I found myself attracted to the current sales in store, which I recommend checking out before you miss the bargains on offer. If you’re a student like myself then you will be enticed by just hearing the word sale, but if that isn’t enough then I’m sure the 10% student discount on everything in store will be music to your ears.   So whether you’re a beginner or pro, a roller skater, or skate boarder, then head into Skate Shack to get the gear that will help you look, and be the part, when you’re pulling those kickflips.





Review by Student Blogger, Liam Jack