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New Year, New You? Yuck!

Now, we’re not going to make you squirm with all those cheesy tag lines such as ‘New Year, New You’ BUT with these dark nights and all those Christmas treats we know you enjoyed there’s no better time to get motivated and moving. This month we had a catch up with Alex and his top fitness tips to see your new years resolutions through to February and beyond.


Alex Help! It’s sometimes so hard to get started, from being daunted by the surroundings of a gym, to dreading those aches and pains after a work out -there’s so much to discover / learn / buy…how do we get started?


Well, I believe it’s all about guidance, and that’s why we’re here! Whether you’re getting back in the game after a break or wanting to discover fitness for the first time – we’re on hand to offer tailored advice to get you through. How to get started? Walk through the doors of the gym and say hiya – always a good way to begin don’t you think?

But, perhaps more importantly than that, you need to have a goal in mind, something to work towards such as gaining more muscle, loosing weight, training for the Great North Run. One goal. It will really motivate you to stick with it.

Then, ask for advice! Don’t assume you know what the best thing for you or your body is. No question is too stupid, trust me – I’ve heard them all, from how to get taller to how to get a bigger rib cage…


Now this might be a really obvious question, but why go to the gym?


There are plenty of things you can do at home and some great tips on the Anytime Fitness blog (See here:, but by coming into the gym we can help you reach those goals in the right way, with the right advice and on the right machines.

We’ve really been expanding here at Anytime Fitness Gateshead over the past few months. We’ve listened to what our members want and gone out and bought LOADS more equipment to suit their needs from a power stair climber to a 360 synergy functional rig.

Remember, exercise doesn’t just strengthen you muscles, but it’s great for your heart, blood pressure, bones, and of course, your mind.


Is going to the gym enough? If I work out a couple of times a week am I still allowed to gorge on chocolate bars – I once heard you say a snickers bar has all you need in a meal…?


Hahaha, No definitely not! Sorry! It’s about nutrition, rest and exercise – the three pillars of fitness! Eat well, Sleep well, exercise well and you’ve got it, you’ll feel more awake and more productive no matter what your end goal is.

Here’s a few pieces of advice though – do avoid fad diets and processed food. Drink LOADS of water. Eat breakfast – the hint is in the name, break fast. Snacking is good, but ensure your deity is balanced.


Sportswear is so trendy, everyone is a wearing trainers, amazing leggings – all sorts – do I really need them? Will people laugh at me if I don’t? What do I need to workout?


Yeah there are loads of great products on the high street but the most important thing is a good pair of trainers! The gym isn’t a fashion parade and it shouldn’t break the bank so don’t worry what you rock up in…just as long as you don’t mind getting sweaty in it!

So, we’re going to ask for your guidance, not worry about what we’re wearing, we’re going to snack, but eat well…any parting advice?

75% of people tend to give up in first three weeks – so stick with it! If you can train 3 times a week for four weeks you’re in.


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