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New at Visualeyes!

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Visualeyes now offers hearing care! The team has shared their FAQ’s with us to set you at ease before you head in to get checked out.


How much does hearing tests cost?

A hearing test at Visualeyes Hearing Care is completely free of charge just call on 0191 477 3080 to arrange your appointment.


How long will a hearing test last?

At Visualeyes Hearing Care there are two types of hearing tests. The first step is a hearing health check for people who have mild concerns about their hearing or have never had a hearing test before; this will take around 15 minutes and can be conveniently organised to fit in with a shopping trip. A full hearing test takes about an hour and is more suited to people who are experiencing symptoms of hearing loss, have had their hearing tested before, or people who already wear a hearing aid.


I think wax is affecting my hearing, do I need a hearing test?

Wax can cause dulled hearing (it can block sounds going through the ear canal to the inner ear), so if you suspect wax is affecting your hearing, the best advice is to get it checked out. At Visualeyes Hearing Care the team will check the health of your ears and presence of wax as standard, in all hearing tests and if excess wax is found, you will be referred you to your GP. If a normal level of wax is present, then further tests will be carried out to find out what, if anything, is affecting your ability to hear well.


What happens if my test results show I have a hearing loss?

If the results of your test show that you’re experiencing hearing loss, your audiologist will advise you of the next steps. If your hearing loss is conductive or related to a medical condition, you will be referred to your GP. If your hearing loss is treatable with a hearing aid, Visualeyes Hearing Care will discuss what options are available to you. Visualeyes Hearing Care have a wide choice of hearing aids suitable for a range of hearing conditions to suit all budgets, and offer free demonstrations in store so you can hear the difference for yourself.


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