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It’s well known that New Year’s Resolutions are made and broken by most of us each year. Statistics show that most New Year’s Resolutions are forgotten before we reach February or well before that.

We make resolutions for all the right reasons, and our intentions are good at the time of making them but why is it so hard to stick to them?

The reality is that New Year is just one day and all the pressure we pile on ourselves to have a new start and change everything in our lives is just unrealistic.

There are a few little tricks which have been proven to help such as writing your resolutions down, pair down your expectations and concentrate on the most realistic goals or one at a time – don’t take on more than you can manage! Bring in your friends and family as the support will also make it easier to achieve your goals and make it more fun meeting them.

It’s also good to get a little help from the experts so here’s how a visit to Trinity Square can help you with some of the most popular resolutions.

Eat more healthily
This has to be one of the most popular resolutions, particularly after the excesses we indulge in over Christmas and New Year. Preparing our fresh food is the best way to make sure we know what we are eating, and many of us are choosing a food blender as the kitchen gadget to help us. Tesco has some great deals on Nutrabullet at the moment, the brand chosen by 70% of us looking for a blender.

Get more sleep
There are a lot of reasons why we might not be getting enough ‘zzz’ hours each night, lack of a bedtime routine, struggling to wind down, stress, a snoring partner – the list goes on. Whatever is keeping you up at night, the experts at Holland and Barrett will have a solution for you. From Camomile Cocoa to sleep patches and herbal remedies, this resolution should be an easy one to tick off your list!

Get fit
Getting fit is another popular resolution, but we quickly come up with excuses such as ‘no time to go to the gym’. Let that be your excuse no more as Anytime Fitness is open 24 hours a day 365 days a year. The Gateshead gym boasts high-quality equipment, a safe, clean and friendly environment with over fifty on-demand virtual classes including indoor cycling, kickboxing and Pilates.

Start saving
Saving a little for a rainy day or special occasion is another resolution, which is high on most people’s lists. Newcastle Building Society has been helping individuals, families and businesses across the region for almost 40 years. With a good range of savings, mortgages and financial planning services, a visit to Newcastle Building Society will get this resolution off to a good start.

More me time
We would all love a bit of more me time, and whether that means grabbing 10 minutes or an hour just for us, Boots can help you make the most of it. From a luxurious bath product to a top to toe pamper, it’s not just the girls who will find something to help them make the most me time.

Although New Year has come and gone, there are 354 other days left this year where we can make resolutions and set off with everything we need to achieve them. Good luck!