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Express Beauty by Regis- Review

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How many of us have been rushing around, trying to remember what it is that we actually needed and have glanced at our hands to behold the horror that is our current manicure? No longer. Express Beauty by Regis is conveniently placed in the middle of Tescos and means that it is now impossible for us to claim that we haven’t had time to nip to get our nails sorted.

Although the beauty bar is in Tescos, it still has the feel of your local! The location doesn’t only make it ideal for quick drop-ins of luxury but also perfect for pamper-trips or preparations for a big night out.

As I am an addict of nail polishes but had never tried a gel-polish manicure, I thought why not. My Wednesday morning began with a little slice of heaven, as I wandered down to try it out. I was surprised to already find customers milling around the beauty aisle. They clearly had the same idea!

Sitting down at the bar, the staff members explained that the gel would last about 10 days before it would begin to get marked or lose it’s shine. I can personally vouch for the quality of them – it has been seven days and they still look like they have just been applied. There is nothing worse than having your nails done and having a staff member that will not speak to you throughout. Thankfully, in this case, the staff were absolutely amazing and there wasn’t any awkwardness whatsoever. All-in-all, the appointment took about 30 minutes and it is 30 minutes that I am willing to spend again in order to get my nails redone! Offering students a deal to get gel nails for only £15, do you really need any more excuses?

Beauty by Regis does not only offer nail manicures in every colour you could imagine, but everything eyebrow, the application of false eyelashes and even teeth whitening – the complete package. Get yourself down there and try it out!

There’s no need to book an appointment, so get yourself down there and try it out!

photo 1[1]Review by Student Blogger Carrie Brogden