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CEX DVD Review: Far Cry 4

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I recently visited the amazing CEX store in Trinity Square (see recent blog post on this) and while perusing the many games, DVDs and technology on offer, the manager kindly offered to loan me a PS4 and Far Cry 4 game to review – well how could I possibly resist?  I didn’t waste any time getting back to my student digs to give it a go… Welcome to Kyrat, an idyllic country in the setting of the Himalayas with beautiful views and conflict just about everywhere. You will play the character of Ajay Ghale, a young Kyrati-American, returning to his native country to fulfil his mothers dying wish.


On arrival he is captured by the country’s violent leader, Pagan, who has managed to maintain his stranglehold on the power of Kyrat for the past 20 years. Ajay’s plans for a brief visit are thrown out the window, as he soon becomes the figurehead of his late father’s organisation the Golden Path, who is set on toppling Pagan and liberating the country from his grasp. The game itself plays incredibly well, with stunning graphics and a consistently smooth feel throughout. The scale and interactivity of the environment makes for an unforgettable experience, forcing you to utilize everything on offer, from vehicles and zip lines, right down to the plants and animals.

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If you’re into open-world games then this is for you. After a week of playing you will begin to see that this game has so much more to offer than you first thought, and you won’t want to stop until you’ve discovered every last bit.

image1[1]Review by Student Blogger, Liam Jack