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Boots tell us all…

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It’s here and it’s going to change skin care for good! Lift and Limiate TRIPLE ACTION Serum hit our shelves this week allowing us to see our skin in a whole new light so we thought we’d go behind the scene at Boots to find out more about No7. We asked store manager Jenny to reveal all….


We keep hearing that skin care is the key – what’s the point in spending money on make-up to cover up our lovely skin if we’re not making sure it’s top notch in the first place? With so many beauteous products shouting from the shelves for our attention, what exactly is the ideal skin care routine?!

My ideal skin care routine is to use a cleanser, toner, serum and moisturiser, day and night religiously. Wipes are ok as a one off, but believe me they’re the devil to your skin long term! I have a combination skin so I use No7 Beautiful Skin Eye Make-up Remover (£8.50) because I’m a complete mascara addict! Then, No7 Beautiful Skin Foaming Cleanser (£9.50) to remove the rest of my makeup and to tone its all about No7 Soft and Soothed toner (£8.00). I would always finish off with my No7 Protect and Perfect Serum (£23.95) and Protect and Perfect Intense day and night creams (£24.95 each).


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The No7 Match Made service is a revolution! It’s amazing that you’re able to find the perfect shade for your skin tone instantly, so exactly how does it work?

Match Made works by taking an up close picture of your skin tone and comparing it to the colours No7 have to offer. Most people go wrong when they use foundation to give them more colour, which is a big beauty no-no! Foundation should match to your natural skin tone and you should build colour up with blushers, bronzers and other cosmetics that are designed for colour. You should get a match made check at least twice a year (spring and autumn) as your skin tone changes with the seasons.


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Summer is fast approaching and we want that perfect summer glow… Spill all and tell us how do we get it?!

The best way to get a natural summer glow is to use the correct foundation with blushers and bronzers. Two of my favourite No7 products for achieving the best summer glow are the No7 Perfectly Bronzed Dual Bronzer (£12), which leaves your skin glowing and No7 Shimmer Palette (£13.50) for highlighting and creating a contour makeup effect without the fuss.


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We’ve gone crazy for contouring and mad for matt lips, what beauty trends can we expect to come our way for summer 16?

Strobing is the next biggest thing! It’s all about using your highlighter to create a high definition look. It’s similar to contouring, but focuses more on the high points of the skin i.e. cheeks and brow, leaving people with a high gloss, summery finish.



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