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Altin Coffee House – Review

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While Trinity Square contains many places to eat on the ‘beaten track’, it also contains a hidden gem. Located just off the Square on the High Street, Altins Coffee House offers generously sized hot and cold beverages and food. Unlike many other independent drink chains, Altins offers a wide range of caffeine creations which are sure to satisfy any craving you may have without breaking the bank!


I jumped at the chance to review Altins as I had heard many stories of the glorious cakes and sandwiches on offer that had been consumed while taking advantage of the particularly speedy, free Wi-Fi. I was not disappointed.

Finally, I was able to sample the luxuries available and visited on a Thursday, which happened to be the Open Mic Night. The first thing that impressed was the atmosphere. Unlike a chain coffee shop, Altins has a relaxed, quiet feel to it that is sadly missing from many of its rivals. It feels like a place that you can sit down and unwind with your friends after a busy day or a place where you can sit uninterrupted and work.

As the majority of customers were already settled into their places to listen to the open mic night, we were served almost immediately. The friendly staff took great care with our order even asking us what type of milk we would like with our tea (something which I have never experienced before!) and chatted with us while they created our drinks. They pointed out to us the wide range of snacks and sandwiches that they had on offer including the newer range of more healthy items. As I am aware many people require dietary requirements, I was told that as everything is created on site – they could, potentially, cater to specialist diets.

As we settled down into the leather sofas with one luxurious hot chocolate with marshmallows and cream and one pot of tea, the open mic night begun and the calibre of musicians was outstanding. The place was literally brimming with talent and my group caught each other singing along more than once!


The refreshments themselves were of a high standard and you get a lot more than what you pay for! The cakes are to die for. As you can imagine, we already have a love of cake. What is even more crucial is the fact that several of my friends were exclaiming how the cake was some of the best they had ever had! It is not possible to say that Altins skimps on the size, in fact, it makes you wonder how they can provide what they do for so cheap!

I highly recommend Altins Coffee Shop. In fact, I’m going to make it my regular coffee rendezvous for when we all meet up. A must for all who love coffee, hot drinks, cake or just nice places.

photo 1[1] Review by Student Blogger Carrie Brogden