Trinity Square

All the Gossip from Carousel…

Carousel joined us here at Trinity Square, just 10 months ago, so we thought it was about time to catch up over a cuppa and delve into the world of an estate agent.


If you’re looking to rent, buy or sell Carousel should be your go to. The whole team is an utter delight – Bev is bubbly and from the heart, Gillian keeps everyone in check and Liz, Managing Director, is a complete powerhouse.


If you’ve ever walked past their premises on Gateshead High Street you will have no doubt spotted the team working away in their smart looking office…and how could you miss that rather sharp looking Carousel horse?!


Carousel Trinity Square Gateshead


On that note, it’s not often you see a life-sized carousel horse in the window of an Estate Agents and we heard on the grapevine that he’s even got a name…Carlos. Liz reveals all, “My Dad was a showman and worked away a lot, travelling with the fairground. He had a great work ethic and always used to say that if you work hard, you’ll get out of life what you put in….if your legs not broken, go to work! Needless to say it rubbed off on me and in honour of him I named my company Carousel. And our mascot? Well, growing up, my mother loved the name Carl which she named one of my brothers and she also always had a budgie (probably numerous budgies actually) called Carlos and it just sort of stuck when naming any animal….”


The family connections don’t stop there. When looking to re-locate in 2015, the town centre was at the top of Liz’s list. Setting up shop here really was quite a moment, “Opening up at Trinity Square was like coming home. I have all these great memories visiting the indoor market with my Mam, of the street entertainment, jazz bands and the general hustle and bustle! After Trinity Square re-opened, I was simply doing my shopping and could see the difference the centre was making to the area, bringing it back to life – and I knew we had to be a part of it!”


Liz has spent 25 years working her way up the ranks, selling up to 40 homes in a good week; So be assured – any buyer, seller or tenant is in good hands! With all this experience under her belt, we’re sure Liz has seen it all, from haunted houses to the most lavish properties, but it is the young couples that really makes your heart melt, “It’s so lovely to help young couples find their first home, it makes me feel really lucky handing over those keys, being part of such an important moment in peoples lives – there’s such a feel good factor about it!”


You can help but get the feeling that these ladies are really love what they do, “It’s always about the people behind the door and their lifestyles. You see so many different homes, but it really is about finding the one that’s right for you.”


The team oozes with local knowledge and insight, Carousel isn’t just a business, it’s much more. Liz, Bev and Gillian are the real dream team!


Carousels Top Tips:


Advice for renters

Even if you’re planning to rent for a short period of time do your research! Check out the area and make sure you are happy with it. The last think you want is to discover how hard it is to get to work or the atmosphere just isn’t to your taste.


Advice for Buyers

You’ve found a property you love? Great! But, always, always, aways check the structure of the house yourself, don’t always rely on a survey.


Advice for Sellers

Don’t take away the personality of your home. Tidy and clean, but keep your coats hanging on the rack, don’t tidy all the kid’s toys away. Buyers need to connect with a property to fall in love with and this can help. If you would like more advice don’t hesitate to get I touch with Carousel and take advantage of their Home Doctor services.


To find out more about Carousel or to make an enquiry please click here.